Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There is a better way Alberta!

Alberta's basic operations like health and education have been held hostage by the price of oil for too long. Albertans need to understand that there is a better way to manage our oil so that we can keep our promises to our children, our seniors and ourselves.

We need to manage our spending as much as our revenue.

Alberta needs fair and progressive corporate taxation.

Alberta's oil belongs to Albertans. Albertans deserve their fair share of the profits from our oil.

Alberta has been lied to for too long. Blaming scapegoats might get you elected, but at some point, Albertans will speak truth to power, revealing the real culprits.

Take less than 5 minutes and watch this:

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  1. This article uses a poignant and amusing animated video to illustrate the real problem the Albertan community is having with Jim Prentice.I think this is a good way to showcase what really is going on in the community. Prentice is frequently outed for using scapegoats when the real issue is that he favors lower taxes for the rich as well as makes cuts in spending on public services like schools and law enforcement. In addition to that, he also cuts the royalties from the oil that the citizens of Albertans should be receiving down from 30% to 10%. The amusing yet serious tone of the article spells out the truth behind the decline of Albertans economy.


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