Friday, March 13, 2015

PCs decline to attend Alberta Teachers' all-party forum

PCs decline to attend ATA forum
On Saturday, March 14, The Alberta Teachers' Association is hosting an all-party forum education. The Liberals, NDP and Wildrose are attending but the PCs declined.

Is it too much to ask the PCs to engage with teachers at an all-party forum on education with Alberta teachers?

Why is Education Minister Gordon Dirks not finding the time and making the effort to engage with Alberta teachers at such an important event?

If Gordon Dirks and the PCs can't be bothered to attend, then I suggest that their empty chair could be filled by the Alberta Party's Greg Clark who will already be in attendance.

Because the Alberta Party now has a sitting MLA in Laurie Blakeman, it makes sense that Greg Clark represent the Alberta Party at the ATA's forum.

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