Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quick thoughts on standardized testing

The greatest trick standardized testing ever pulled was to convince the world it resembles anything we do in the real world.

Standardized testing is what constitutes an amazingly contrived and unrealistic form of assessment.

Standardized testing has almost nothing to do with education and almost everything to do with politics and profiteering.

Standardized testing tells us about learning as much as reality TV tells us about reality.

Standardized testing is as much for the kids as the Running of the Bulls is for the Bulls.


  1. Maybe we should blame China for its famous civil service exams. The examination system must have come from the medieval universities. Hardly a real world, practical test. The guilds had practical tests to certify journeymen and masters. Our testing bears no resemblance to this. We are trying to certify proficiency for an increasingly nebulous, ephemeral knowledge and skill base. Historically, tests measured specific, practical skills for a narrow context. That was probably useful testing.

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