Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My slideshow and links for my keynote in Minnesota

Here are a few links that supplement some of the points I mentioned during my keynote today.

You say you want this minnesota
View more PowerPoint from bowerjj

Check out this post for more on some of the topics I talked about.

Here are all of my blog posts on rethinking discipline, abolishing grading, rethinking lesson planning, abolishing homework and rethinking standardization.


  1. I'm struck by the notion that the worst thing that could happen to some kids for their education is going to school, where they are told what to learn, and when to learn it, and if they learned it.

  2. I have become immersed in the lives of my grandchildren, watching them learn naturally in their early years. I worry what school does, and will do to them.

    Thanks for sharing, Joe.


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