Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wildrose is morally bankrupt

I was disgusted when I read Wildrose candidate Allan Hunsperger's hateful comments about gay people burning in a lake of fire and that public education is Godless, wicked and profane for putting into place anti-bullying policies to protect children from being targeted for their sexual orientation.

I was appalled when I heard Wildrose Candidate Ron Leech say that he has an advantage in the election because he is white.

Deep down there is a religious libertarian contradiction that lives in the bowels of the Wildrose and it goes something like this:

"I want to be able to say and do whatever the hell I want without the government meddling and interfering with my life so that I may impose my will on others who are different than me."

As shameful as these two examples of the Wildrose's bigotry and racism are, I hold a special distaste for Danielle Smith's refusal to condemn either of her party's candidates. That Smith retreats to the party line that "the Wildrose will not introduce legislation on contentious social issues" is nothing more than silence as assent.

We all have the moral authority to stand up and speak out against hatred and intolerance, but when given the opportunity to lead her party, Danielle Smith chooses to follow a racist and a bigot.

Danielle Smith and The Wildrose are both morally bankrupt and intellectually indefensible.


  1. I'm not sure these people understood the message Jesus was trying to spread when he said 'Love thy neighbour.'

    Perhaps they need to go back to school?

  2. And, will there by a public school to go to? The way we are going, who knows? Why does it feel to me that we are emulating the worst public education system in the world (ie: the great United States of America)?
    I am voting for the only party that has ever had any sense! And it's not the PC'S!

  3. Well said! I was wavering back and forth for awhile. For a few days I was sure I was voting PC, then I was lured by the Wildrose promises to families. That all changed yesterday when Traavel was murder on a Halifax street for being gay. That was it! I can't stand by and allow anyone to make intolerance and hatred okay simply by doing nothing about it. One anti-gay candidate is completely and utterly unacceptable! I am now, 100% sure, I will be voting NDP for the one reason that matters. The NDP are the ONLY party that supports, protects, and fights for LGTBQ equality and all their candidates follow suit!

  4. Silence is assent even in election day.

  5. Public education is under attack by the Wildrose.

  6. Joe, I just read this response to you:


    I'm guessing you're a Catholic educator. Does your position fall in line with the Catholic Church's stance on hell and unrepentant sin?


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