Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can the Alberta Party bring sanity to Alberta Politics?

A lot of Albertans are ready for change after 41 years of Progressive Conservative rule. Some Albertans go so far as to say "I don't know who I'm voting for but it ain't the PCs."

This has led some to think they need to vote for the party that has the best shot at defeating the Tories - the Wildrose. In the same breath, many will say they don't like the Wildrose but feel like they have no choice but to vote for them if they want to see the PCs defeated. At the same time, some people who have never voted PC in their life, actually find themselves saying "I never thought I would vote PC" in order to block the Wildrose.

The problem here is that holding your nose and voting for the PCs or the Wildrose out of fear of the other one won't change a damn thing in this province.

Nobody knows who is going to win this election, but it's likely safe to say that it will be a Wildrose or PC minority government. The members of these two right wing parties are brothers from the same mother. After all, the Wildrose is largely made up of x-Progressive Conservatives while the PCs have some members who would find the Wildrose a comfortable fit. But because they hate each other, they aren't likely to play nice. This means that who ever comes in third will be positioned as the swing vote.

Alberta has gone from voting Progressive Conservative by default - one party to rule them all - to voting for first, second and third place parties where third place will play the swing vote.

Because of the dysfunctional relationship Alberta has with the NDP and Liberals, I'd like to see Glenn Taylor's centrist, populist Alberta Party to play a role in bringing sanity to Alberta's next government.

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