Friday, July 22, 2011

Joel Klein: Public (Education) Enemy

"The more we have multiple measures the risk is we dilute the power of accountability."

--Joel Klein

I defy anyone to interpret Klein's words in any other way than this: Accountability is about mistrust. Mistrust drives manipulation; therefore, accountability is about nothing more than control over people who are in classrooms by those who are not.

For eight years as Chancellor of New York City's Education, Joel Klein drove the accountability stake through the hearts of students, teachers and parents alike. For some, Joel Klein's words and actions have been sufficient evidence that he is not an ally for public education. For others, identifying Joel Klein as an enemy of public education has been more challenging.

Klein now works for Rupert Murdoch. After the scandal surrounding Murdoch, some have said There will be fewer people who want to hear from Rupert Murdoch on questions that run right to the heart of student learning." And to be honest, the same should have been said of Joel Klein years ago, but I can admit that it's better late than never: 

There will be fewer people who want to hear from Joel Klein on questions that run right to the heart of student learning.
Up next is Michelle Rhee. She won't say if Rupert Murdoch is funding her. If things go right, we'll say the same thing of Rhee that was said of Murdoch and now Klein.

If you want more information on Joel Klein's true intentions, I suggest you watch the video below by Iamcompucomp and read Joel Klein's Snow Job and this post by Valerie Strauss.

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