Saturday, February 12, 2011

Testing Cannibals


Testing is an act of cannibalism.

The more time and effort we spend on testing, the less time teachers and students spend teaching and learning.

The more time and effort teachers spend collecting and absorbing data, the less time they are spending with children while they are learning.

The testing monster has an insatiable appetite for time and effort and if we aren't careful, testing will devour learning... some places it already has...


  1. This is so true! Soon, I will be evaluated on how well my students do on our state test. It's one test, and a lot will be riding on it. I try really hard to focus on inquiry and discovery ( teach science.), but I so often get thrown off by the threat of the test. The funny thing is I have a really good idea how my kids will do on the test. I also have a really good idea of what they know. I can find out more in a two minute conversation than I can in an hour long test.

    How long will it be until the culture changes?

  2. Bowles & Gintis called it Goal Displacement, but this metaphor is more arresting, and might get more attention...


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