Friday, February 11, 2011

Recipe for depression

Saying nothing and keeping quiet is a great way to get along with and live with others, but it makes it hard to live with yourself.

If you are looking for a recipe for depression, simply resign yourself to being an agent of your employer.

Define your learning as something done to you by others.

Fill your life with substitutes for real meaning and critical thought.

Set yourself up and others for the use, control and disposal by others.

Convince yourself that preparing yourself to be managed by others is pragmatic.

But if you want to liberate yourself from the artificial... the scripted... the drudgery... the soul killing puppetry, then you'll need to cut the strings yourself because this is the one thing others won't do for you.

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  1. Yes and I remember the moment three years ago when I overheard three colleagues discussing a ten-year old they had little regard for. One characterized the lad as "gay". I said nothing and the shame remains with me now. I want to be the person who rises to the occasion. Professionalism speaks to the way we approach disagreement and advocacy, it is not an excuse for avoiding controversy.


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