Sunday, February 20, 2011

Preferred future

Today's public education is built on a foundation of standardization and conformity.

The preferred future of public education needs to be built on a foundation of diversity and personalization.

Our present stands in direct opposition to this preferred future.


  1. So, what do we do about that?

  2. There is a Ying and Yang to this though. Differentiation and conformity are grotesquely out of balance in public education but both tendencies need to be present in public education. I would say the same about dissent and compliance. I feel this way because socialization is a worthy goal for public education. It is the principal reason I believe it more desirable than enterprises like parochial schools, private schools and home schooling.

  3. Joe, love this! I NEEDED you yesterday when I was going at it with @dropounation on Twitter! It started with his blog post that suggested that "value-added" data for evaluating teacher effectiveness was a step in the right direction... He then spouted all kinds of absurdities about how high-stakes testing teaches students what to learn... He kept avoiding my questions about his teaching experience until he finally admitted that he is "education journalist, activist, tutors a child, and his dad was a teacher for 30 years". Because we need more non-educators deciding how students learn best and judging teacher effectiveness...

    Sorry for the rant, but your post just brought back all of the frustrations of yesterday!

  4. I see technology as the instigator of this paradigm shift. Personalizing the classroom experience will begin with all students being given a voice.

    I read a few days ago that you were considering buying iPads for the classroom. Was the feedback helpful?


  5. Joe,
    Can you tell me why all my colleagues equate uniformity with professionalism? The district imposed a pacing guide on us this year meant to improve test scores. Instead of protesting this invasion of their prerogatives my co-workers all tried to outdo each other in the degree to which they aligned their teaching with the guide. I sincerely do not understand their reasoning. Why is it good for kids to have all of us conforming in lockstep?

  6. Thanks for a profound thought. I find it depressing to hear Canadian educators worry about standardization as The Answer. I thought we had a lock on it here in America.


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