Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grades: the candle snuffer of the love of learning

Here is a comment that Josie Holford left on my post Grades: Education's Snake-Oil Currency:

For some of us who care passionately about learning and opportunity for all (and who don't see education as a race to the top for a few) so much of current policy and practice IS a crime scene. 
The extremity of the metaphor matches the strength of feeling when it comes to the crimes of deskilling teachers and depriving children of their birthright as learners. 
Want a more "cheerful" metaphor about the "crime" of grading? 
Grades are the candy floss of education. Appealing to some in the short term, nutritionally worthless and ultimately destructive. 
Like a cheap tin trophy.

The cattle prod for the bully, the carrot for the desperate and a prop for the incompetent.
A diversion tactic, sidelining learners from what actually matters. 
The candle snuffer of the love of learning.


  1. The "are we there yet" on the road trip to success

    The ketchup on the french fry - masking the real taste and the essence of learning

  2. Another great post, glad I came across you on twitter.


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