Friday, February 21, 2014

How do we learn language?

“We acquire language in only one way, when we understand messages, that is when we obtain “comprehensible input.” Thus, we acquire when we understand what people tell us or what we read, when we are absorbed in the message. More precisely, we acquire when we understand messages containing aspects of language that we are developmentally ready to acquire but have not yet acquired.”


  1. Hi Joe! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am taking EDM 310 and as part of our class we are assigned to a different teacher to "follow" every 2 weeks. For the next two weeks I will be looking at your blog, commenting on it and I will post a summary of my visits on my blog.
    I found your post delightful and true. How many times am I guilty of this crime. I am currently getting my teaching certificate renewed and am not currently in the classroom. But the idea Stephen Krashen presents can apply is so many circumstances and situations. As I toured your blog, I couldn't help looking at your posts on homework. I have a 5th grade (that is grade 5) son who is shutting down because of meaningless assignments and homework. His teachers mean well and I have great respect for them. But my poor son wants to move, explore, discuss and be engaged. Worksheets and homework sheets are draining him. How do I keep a boy, who is all boy, engaged when our school district is not totally engaged in using technology?

  2. If you haven't already read this poem, I highly encourage you to read it.
    Jack Prelutsky's "Homework, Oh Homework" is the best homework mantra ever.

  3. That video clip is very amazing. The language learning instructions suggested through that video is good and I really like to follow interesting ways for learning different language. Thanks.

  4. Janie said, lovely video footage for learning language and it's very much understandable as well. So by notifying this Stephen's video I learned lots of things that how can I learn language in a different way and easily. So thanks for this awesome video and hope that more will come within a short period of time. Keep well mate:)


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