Thursday, September 26, 2013

Milt Williams for Red Deer Public School Board

Milt Williams 
For Red Deer Public School Board

About Milt:

• Taught for 24 years in Red Deer Public

• Store Manager of Operations for national furniture chain.

• small business Shareholder/Owner/Manager

• Married to Marianne (former teacher). Four children: John, Andrew, Daniel and James who have all attended Red Deer Public Schools.

• Successfully implemented the MicroSociety program at Aspen Heights School, where a school based society is modeled on real life.

• Awarded 2012 Coordinator of the Year at the MicroSociety International Conference held in Philadelphia, USA.

Milt's Priorities:

 Every decision must be based on what is best for the students.

 Promote open communication between parents, trustees and teachers.

 Encourage innovation that promotes learning within Red Deer Public Schools.

 Students learn by doing. To help foster this experience the District needs to build more bridges between schools, businesses and the community.

 Maximize the use of schools after hours.

 Support front line staff by ensuring they have the tools needed to educate our children.

 Have students elect a student representative who will attend board meetings and add a student’s perspective to discussions.

"Every school, a good school"

Contact Milt:



Milt Williams for Red Deer Public School Board on Facebook


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