Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Will the free market save public education?

Here are a couple posts on why vouchers and school choice are unsustainable and ultimately unhelpful for those of us who wish to provide all children a great education:

Charmed by Choice: Undermining Public Education

An open letter to President Obama from Bill Ayers

School Choice: Maintaining the Hierarchies


  1. And you fail to miss the blatant illogical nature of her argument? Keyword, BLATANT. And you're a teacher?

  2. I have a number of people who disagree with me on a regular basis and I value their feedback because it keeps me on my toes by exposing me to a regular, healthy dose of cognitive dissonance. You're welcome to be one of those people if you could refrain from personal attacks -- but if you can't do this, then I have no need for you.


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