Monday, December 10, 2012

Making the Grades by Todd Farley

"Making the Grades is an enlightening, entertaining, and eye-opening look at the use and misuse of standardized tests….This book is a humorous yet sobering glimpse at the testing arena--a must-read for policymakers and pundits enchanted by high-stakes tests.”

--Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association

“With so much emphasis these days on standardized testing in education, Todd Farley’s important insights, gathered during his 15 years of working with the people who actually grade the tests, should be read closely. As our nation moves toward improving academic standards and assessments, Farley’s engaging stories make a book about testing interesting reading. This book reminds us that even though an assessment system may look good from the outside, safeguards must be in place to ensure each education decision that is informed by a test score is made with the greatest care.”

--Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers

"Todd Farley is the scourge of standardized testing. His book, Making the Grades, is a shocking exposé."

--Diane Ravitch

“This book is dynamite! The nice personal voice (biting anger, conveyed with delicious humor) makes it utterly accessible and enticing—i.e., a good story, wholly apart from the terribly important ammunition it provides to those of us in the ‘testing wars’ at national and local levels.”

--Jonathan Kozol, author of Savage Inequalities

“Mr. Farley is an engaging writer who tells an often hilarious story--hilarious until you remind yourself that these graders, making their hasty and often half-baked judgments, are affecting children's futures. Highly recommended."

--Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve

"Using standardized test scores to evaluate our nation’s teachers and classrooms is a gruesome mistake and Making the Grades shows us why. We see the frightening reality behind the tests and why believing in these“objective” measures is both a comedy and a horror show. Todd Farley’s revealing story shows the price we pay for our false belief in standardized testing: teaching to tests crushes children’s creative ideas, their independent thoughts, and their love of learning."

--Nancy Carlsson-Paige

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