Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What won't we do for high scores?

Put enough pressure on teachers to get high scores...

Convince parents that high test scores are the ultimate achievement...

Push children to grade grub their way to high scores...

... and you can be assured that many people will achieve these high scores, but you won't want to know how they did it.

This is Campbell's Law.

This is but one more reason why standardized test scores are like a broken clock. The costs of standardized testing is strangling the intellectual life out of our classrooms.

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  1. Hey Joe,

    As an aspiring educator and academic liaison to future students from the University of South Alabama, I am deeply troubled by the avenues of approach our government has taken to address education gaps in our schools. I completely agree with your standpoints on the illegitimacy of the current standardized testing regime our students are subjected to. I also read an interesting article in The Huff Post on some of the budget numbers the U.S. spends on testing each year. These tests are indeed like a broken clock, but those hands are still ticking down to the inevitable classroom barren of creativity. I can't wait to help make a change!

    Thanks for the enlightening post,
    Jessie Holder



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