Saturday, September 1, 2012

Join the Grading Moratorium in 2012

In November 2006, I abolished grading in my classroom. In July 2010, I started the Grading Moratorium on my blog. It's almost September 2012, and a new school year awaits. The beginning of a new school year is the best time to try something new and innovative. 

What if you joined the Grading Moratorium and shared your story about how you tried to abolish grading as much as professionally possible?

I see the Grading Moratorium as a support group for teachers who are trying to reduce the time and effort they place on summative grading while simultaneously placing more time and effort on formative assessment that helps children learn and grow.

Remember, if teachers waited to join the Grading Moratorium until they have abolished grading entirely, there would likely be no one in the Grading Moratorium. Abolishing grading isn't necessarily a destination. I see it more as a journey towards redefining, rethinking and refining how we help children learn.

Here is a list of teachers who are dedicated to abolishing grading and have already joined the Grading Moratorium. Check out each one of their stories and feel free to contact them.

Want to join? Here's how.

If you would like to join but feel like you just can't, please consider leaving a comment so that I may develop a better understanding for the obstacles that are in your way.

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