Friday, September 21, 2012

John Stewart on Romney and Fox News

John Stewart on Romney and Fox News. I had trouble embedding the videos without looking squished. Check out this page for better videos.


  1. Do you have a point somewhere?

    I guess your reason for posting this could be summed up as follows: You HATE Fox News because they're a biased station in favor of Romney. The reason you hate them so much is because you think Fox should be the same as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, CNBC in their undying protection and love for Obama. Fox news is evil because they're conservative but it's fine that every other mainstream media station is 100% pro-Obama.

    Love your logic.

    Not to mention the videos you posted are substanceless.

    1. The polling mentioned is falsely based on 2008 turnout.
    2. The "video" about Romney was shown to be both illegally obtained AND doctored -- a 2 minute gap removed to take it out of context.
    3. What is your evidence that Obama is not the worst president in history? He's outspent them all, he's got Depression-era economic numbers, and his foreign policy is in shambles. Are you really arguing that Fox News' opinion is that he's the worst? Shouldn't you be scratching your head wondering why you support a man with such a horrible track record?
    4. You ignore the video about Obama's comments on redistribution, which in the context of American values is FAR FAR worse than anything Romney has ever said.

    I mean, come on. Anyone who supports Obama at this point is a mental toddler.

    1. RE your point #2... what context makes Romney's statement remotely palatable? Can you provide some? I'm actually curious.


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