Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm nervous and afraid

Chris Lehmann tweeted:
How many of us are afraid that school will get in the way of our own children’s passions and love of learning?

My response:
I am. Kayley starts kindergarten in September. I'm nervous.

I'm still trying to formulate how I'm going to communicate my concerns about the traditional elements of school without coming across as a crazy parent.

How about you?


  1. We chose an unschooling path so that our kids could follow their passions and learn in a way that fit their personalities. For us, it was a great choice for our family. I have been amazed over the years at how much kids learn when they follow their passions. Now, at 14 and 16 the kids have decided to try out school for the first time. One is going full time and the other one is part time. The part-timer chose to take electives rather than core classes because he "loves learning and doesn't want school to take that away from him." He chose a few electives that he has had a difficult time educating himself on.

    Good luck with school this year. After reading your blog for a while, I have no doubt that your daughter will do just fine.

  2. Have you thought about alternative methods of schooling?

  3. Our kids are in traditional schooling, in the district I work. My son is in Special Ed so he gets a lot of individualized help. I was fortunate enough to have him in my Science class in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (benefit of a small district). With my youngest we did ask one teacher to excuse her from homework. I tried to question her rewarding kids with prizes for turning in homework but wasn't successful. I think the teacher still gives those mind numbing math worksheets and offers little prizes for kids doing them. Now we have our daughter in a great multiage program with a teacher who sees eye to eye with us on how to educate children.


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