Friday, July 20, 2012

Save libraries with book burnings?

This is nothing short of brilliant. How do we do this for education?


  1. excellent idea...but do we have a focussed point we want to change the conversation to, or are there to many points?

  2. When it comes to government spending cuts on health or fire foghting etc and then a fire disaster happens and there are not enough resources and people lose their lives it is quite easy to claim that the government is responsible for the deaths

    when schools are being closed down and their are spending cuts on education we know kids' crime , drug abuse , prison sentences , hospital beds , potential unemployment goes up so we can reframe spending cuts on education as putting kids into prisons , putting them on drugs , or on welfare - and thsi all costs money

  3. Raising taxes to save a library or school is short-sighted at best, and just ignorant at worst. Most libraries, like post offices, are barely used anymore. I'd like to see some details on this one. American schools have PLENTY of money. There are oodles of stats on this. The problem isn't more taxes to throw more money at a very bad system. Bill Gates, et al, have tried that. The problem is the system. It's incredibly inefficient and corrupt. Really good teachers are (like your website Joe has said in many ways) not being allowed to teach. Let's not lose sight of the forest for the trees. We can do better than knee-jerk reactions to minor isolated issues.


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