Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is your child's education for sale?

There is a movement afoot to privatize Public Education. It's important that we put names and faces to those who are perpetrating this plot.

You should know about how the American Legislative Economic Council, Bill Gates, Arne Duncan, David Colman, Jeb Bush,  Rupert Murdoch, Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein and others are selling schools out.

If Rupert Murdoch wants to give students tablets, the proper response is not "thank you!" -- it's "why?".

It's important to understand the role personalization and technology, choice and vouchers can play in the assault on Public Education.

Not only does The United States *not* have public health care, but if they keep this up, they won't have public education either.

As for other countries, like Canada, who are looking to improve their Public Education systems, they should only look to the United States for what not to do.

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