Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If you need final exams and report cards...

Now that bubble sheet season has come and gone, I have two questions:

If you need a final exam to tell you what your students can and can't do, what have you been doing the whole year or term?

If you need a report card to know whether your child has been learning, where have you been?

If you need testsandgrades because you're too busy to know whether children are learning -- then you're too busy.

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  1. Yeah, I wonder...what does an 87 in ELA tell the student, the administrator, the parent or the receiving institution about the actual skills and knowledge of the learner with speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing....which are the strands of the ELA curriculum until grade 8 here in Manitoba?

    Teacher made tests and exams are notoriously invalid as indicators of knowledge or skill...that's why test makers like the publishers of LSATs, MCATs, etc..are needed to produce standardized instruments.


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