Friday, June 22, 2012

Children need to grow up

When we allow children to swing on the swings and slide down the slide we lie to them by allowing them to think that when they get a job they can screw the day away.

When we ask children how they feel or care about what they are thinking, we set them up for failure because in the real world no one will care about their well-being.

Parents who give their children training wheels on their bikes are forgetting that adults don't use them.

Why do we send kids to school at all when we could send them to work in the real world? We could call it the Department of Child Labour.

Parents who let their young children pretend to read forget that adults who do this are ridiculed.

Parents who allow their infants to babble on free of grammatical correctness & pronunciation are infantalizing their infants.

Children don't pay taxes. In the real world, everyone pays taxes. See the problem?

T-Ball is a joke. They don't use Ts in the Major Leagues.

Children who skate while leaning and pushing on a chair need to grow up.

Water wings encourage kids to swim when really they can't.

How are babies going to learn how to walk and talk if we don't grade them?

If we don't give zeroes to babies who are late walking and talking how will they ever learn to be accountable?

Too many people use crutches as a crutch.

Demanding children to take on the responsibilities of adulthood before it is developmentally appropriate is irresponsible.

Before children can grow up, they need time to grow up.

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