Friday, May 4, 2012

Alfie Kohn is coming to Calgary

WHO: Alfie Kohn

WHAT: The Homework Myth

WHEN: Thursday, May 10. 7:00 pm

WHERE: Calgary, Alberta. Murray Fraser Hall (University of Calgary). Lecture Theater #162

WHY: Because too many kids get too much of a bad thing.

HOW: Tickets can be purchased for $35.00 here.

Here are all of my blog posts on why we need to rethink homework.

Here are a number articles by Kohn on Homework:

Rethinking Homework

Studies Support Rewards, Homework, and Traditional Teaching. Or Do They?

"But I Need to Assign Homework! Look at All I Have to Cover!"

Abusing Research: The Study of Homework and Other Examples

The Truth About Homework

Changing the Homework Default

Down with Homework

Kids may be right: Homework stinks

Interview with Alfie Kohn about homework

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