Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The purpose of school

When school is framed as a means towards making money, we create a classroom that is less about learning and more about dollars and cents.

The purpose of education is not to creating docile and adequately skilled workers for employers and corporations.

And it's a good thing to.

Keep in mind that the life span of a successful Fortune 500 company is now 40 years which is roughly half that of a person's life expectancy. Small American companies have an even shorter shelf life. To frame the purpose of our children's education as preparation for companies that will likely be extinct before our kids have a chance to attend a high school reunion is at best irresponsible.

Public education should be about meeting children's needs in an attempt to provide the opportunities and guidance that is necessary to help children grow up to become responsible citizens in a vibrant democracy.


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  2. If public education is done right, it should be free for everyone. Equity for all is more important than excellence for a few.

  3. Education is a good, and an expensive one at that. If it's given for free, then someone else is footing the bill, and that person ipso facto controls it. It cannot be free for everyone. And why is equity more important than excellence? Further, what is your take on equity vs. equality?


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