Thursday, April 5, 2012

If the teacher is the quarterback, Government is the offensive line.

Here is a brilliant excerpt from a speech given by Texas Superintendent John Kuhn:

If the teacher is the quarterback, Congress is the offensive line. Their performance impacts our performance, but they keep letting us get sacked by poverty, broken homes, student mobility, hunger, health care. And they just say “Oops” as that linebacker blows by them and buries his facemask in our chest. Then we get back to the huddle and they say, “You gotta complete your passes.” We’re aware of that. Make your blocks, legislators. Give us time to stand in the pocket and throw good passes. Do your job. It doesn’t take a great quarterback rating to win games; it takes a team effort.

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  1. How fitting that in Texas the analogy would be around football. I get it though and it makes sense. Yay for Texans pushing for ed reform, deep in the heart of NCLB...See also:


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