Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alberta Party: Alberta needs a few rational, sensible and calm voices

Some people have been so distracted by the brewhaha between the Progressive Conservatives and the Wildrose, that they have been duped into thinking that there are only two parties in Alberta who can form Alberta's next provincial government.

Sue Huff, Alberta Party
The PCs hate the Wildrose as much as the Wildrose hates the Progressive Conservatives. Some people who are neither Wildrose or PC supporters find themselves voting for the lesser of the two evils in an attempt to vote against the other.

Alberta isn't likely to benefit from any of this.

This kind of dirty politics encourages us to focus less on the people and more on the parties. This is as unfortunate as it is predictable. And because our next government will be formed by the PCs or Wildrose, I agree with Sue Huff from the Alberta Party (see video below) that in the coming years we will see even more attack style, divisive, confrontational politics.

Sue Huff explains why Alberta needs some of what the Alberta Party has to offer:
If ever Alberta needed a few rational, sensible and calm voices in the legislature, it is now. If ever we needed people who could work across party lines and seek to find the common ground, it is now.
It's been a long time since Alberta voters had to care about which party finished third. After the polls close tomorrow, third place may only need a handful of seats to play a significant role in a minority government. If any of this makes any sense to you, you might want to consider voting for the Alberta Party. I am.


  1. While I like her closing remarks, I'm wondering why they had to use Comic Sans. Seriously? It's creeping into the political landscape?

    1. Oh, and I can't vote in Alberta, seeing as how I'm an American in Arizona. However, we have our own version of bat-shit-crazy in the Republican Party and our third party options are so limited (along with districts that are totally jerrymandered) that it feels hopeless.


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