Monday, March 26, 2012

Standardized tests with high stakes are bad for learning

In her article Standardized tests with high stakes are bad for learning, studies show , Carolyn Heinrich writes:

I was part of a National Academies of Science committee that was asked to carefully review the nature and implications of America's test-based accountability systems, including school improvement programs under the No Child Left Behind Act, high school exit exams, test-based teacher incentive-pay systems, pay-for-scores initiatives and other uses of test scores to evaluate student and school performance and determine policy based on them. We spent nearly a decade reviewing the evidence as it accumulated, focusing on the most rigorous and credible studies of incentives in educational testing and sifting through the results to uncover the key lessons for education policymakers and the public.

Our conclusion in our report to Congress and the public was sobering: There are little to no positive effects of these systems overall on student learning and educational progress, and there is widespread teaching to the test and gaming of the systems that reflects a wasteful use of resources and leads to inaccurate or inflated measures of performance

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  1. Thanks for another study that says Standardized Testing is not good for our students future. Unfortunately Education seems to ignore all of their own research and make decisions NOT based on what is good for students (start times would be another example). Maybe it is because educators are not allowed to make policy.


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