Friday, October 28, 2011

The bane of economic reasoning

When we allow education to be driven by the same economists who were the architects of the 2008 economic collapse then we shouldn't be surprised when we get what we pay for.

Education reform that is dominated by economists, rather than educators, will forever be plagued by the bane of economic reasoning:

Overvalue whatever can be quantified and undervalue what cannot.

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  1. Hi Joe

    That last sentence says it all. In life, as in education, the most valuable and meaningful factors are not quantifiable.

    A major problem with education today is the fact that the competence of teachers and the quality of schools are measured by these quantifiable factors, many of which are not important in the learning of the students.

    The factor underpinning quality teaching and learning is 'relationships' which of course cannot be quantified.

    Smile, Live Longer and make Someone's Day.

    Jim Baker (


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