Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Those who can, teach

Most who are truly familiar with standardized tests will readily admit how little they accurately measure real learning.

And yet for every teacher, student and parent who actually care to spend time in a classroom, there are a handful of others who wish to administer, judge, manage and mandate what goes on inside the classroom without ever bothering to attend.

Testsandgrades act as a crutch for those who wish to judge classrooms without ever having to visit a classroom.

It's time those who are in the classroom expending the blood, sweat and tears it requires to make a classroom such a great place to learn to stand up and take back their schools from those who wish to mandate from afar.


  1. I am always finding good inspiration here at your blog! Thank you! Just referenced this post over at Google+ - https://plus.google.com/111474406259561102151/posts/QBMbCiGjNoR - are you going to be participating there? :-)

  2. Throw the crutches away! Thanks for the inspiration!


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