Sunday, July 17, 2011


Gathering and sharing for assessment purposes must never trump our primary objective of maintaining a healthy desire within the child to go on learning.


  1. You know, every time I visit your blog, I read your tag line about the bored student and the hammer. I am always conflicted about how I feel about that statement. It has an implication that I am not totally in agreement with. That the student is like the thumb...that can't act on its on. It implies that when students are bored it's because teachers are whacking away with a tool.

    I think that treating students as extras in the movie of their own education is pretty disconcerting. Because as a learner, I can't put all of the responsibility on the teacher. I shoulder a responsibility to learn, and it requires action on my part...and not just when the teacher/teaching is amazing...even when it isn't.

    I agree that as a teacher, I have to foster the right environment for a multitude of possibilities. Even the most effective person can't manage that all the time. So we must expect our students to come with something. Or else what is it all for?

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