Saturday, May 14, 2011

Testsandgrades are like an absentee landlord

Testsandgrades are like an absentee landlord - they only show up when it's convenient for them.

Meanwhile, day by day and month by month, it's the teacher and the student who spend time together in the classroom.

Doesn't it seem odd that some would have us shrug at the days and months of learning as if anything gleamed from all that time while the student was learning and the teacher was teaching is some how too "soft and squishy", merely anecdotal and ultimately too subjective - and yet somehow these flash-in-the-pan, one-time, drive-by testsandgrades are more objective?

I object to any assessment that is created and designed by someone who has never, will never, and doesn't care to ever meet the child.

We would never pay homage to the absentee landlords so why the hell do we place so much credibility in these testsandgrades.

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