Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Born to Learn

Born to Learn from Born to Learn on Vimeo.

I first came across Born to Learn by watching the video above. I was even more impressed with the information found on their website. Here are but a few points they make:

  • Profound truths are often so unsettling that people lose themselves in lengthy explanations that ultimately confuse, rather than clarify.
  • it is not people’s ignorance you need to fear, it’s what they know which darned well ain’t true any longer that causes all the difficulties
  • Most of today’s schools are based on the assumption that children are born to be taught, rather than to learn.
  • Young people need to be given the confidence to manage their own learning by collaborating with colleagues as appropriate, and using a range of resources and learning opportunities.
  • If the wrong model of learning is applied…no country will ever get the results it seeks.
And perhaps my favorite of the whole bunch:

Adolescence isn't a problem - it's an opportunity


  1. Thanks for sharing this... Love to get it up at the cooperative!

  2. great video Joe, John Abbott and the 21st century group does great work

  3. Joe, I'm a k-6 principal and as a school we've been working hard to change our report card into something that better reflects "the developing child". What's interesting for me is that my daughter started kindergarten this year. She loved participating in our student-led conferences, but is totally oblivious to her report card (she wondered what it was for). I can't help but wonder when, why and how we make students care about that piece of paper that goes home 4 times a year?