Thursday, March 31, 2011

When would this ever be appropriate?

Can someone please tell when it would ever be appropriate to purposely provoke a child in such a manner that you intentionally elevate their anger and anxiety to such a heightened level that they are guaranteed to have an outburst?

Then tell me when it would ever be appropriate to place the child in an isolated "time out", and then time them to see how long it takes for them to de-escalate - if they take 45 minutes to calm down today but it took them 60 minutes yesterday then we are making "progress".

Under what circumstances... in what context... would this ever be considered appropriate?


  1. I've seen something like this happen before, sometimes it's even the administration. Our country is a democracy but our schools are organized like the medieval feudal system, which adult gets a little slice of authority to do with it what they wish.

  2. Never. Our challenge is always to deescalate the situation.

  3. Never, ever. What you've described is abusive.

  4. And the abuse described happens every single day in schools everywhere. I just started a new job in a daycare this past week and I have seen it happen every single day; if it isn't this particular scenario, it is getting on to them about every little thing they do (and most of their actions are, of course, age appropriate) which heightens their anxiety level ridiculously. I'm not sure if it is done purposefully or if the teachers just don't know any better, but seriously hope that I can somehow make a difference in this place, because I feel that the only word that can describe it is oppression.


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