Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twitter for Teachers

Here are two quick YouTube videos on how and why educators can use Twitter to connect with other educators from all around the world in an effort to better their craft and develop professionally.

However, chances are if you are reading this on my blog, you are likely familiar with Twitter. So to make this information helpful for those who don't use Twitter or Blogging, you are going to need to share this with them somehow. Consider sending this post's link in an e-mail, or speak to your principal about using some staff meeting time to show this to your colleagues, followed by a conversation.


  1. Those are two good ones to follow...might I suggest you pass this along to your fellow non-twitter users as well. It is a little tutorial that might get some folks started.

  2. We are using Twitter with our preservice teachers who are out in the field for the very first time. Several have said that while they were initially hesitant, they have found Twitter helpful in making contacts and getting support. Please consider following/mentoring our preservice teachers - they can be found on lists created by mathhombre. Thank you.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing these.


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