Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poisonous metaphors

Here is an excerpt from Iamcompucomp's video below:

GATES: Imagine if we tried to offer the same kind of tenure in other professions?! Do we want to pay newspaper editors by seniority? Give tenure to them and just see how it works.

REPORTER: Yeah, right. If newspaper editors had that kind of security, they might just start printing any old thing that they thought was true. They might start biting the hands of the rich owners that feed them. And the papers woud have to be shut down faster than a unionizing Wal-Mart. 

GATES: Yes. And try giving tenure to employees for hotdog making restaurants.

REPORTER: That last example really resonates with me. When you think about it, education really is just like making fast food, and the bad hotdog makers are going to need to be fired. 

GATES: Remember, I'm not exactly saying that. I'm just insinuating it.

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