Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ethics and Technology

I use these two YouTube videos with my students to spark a discussion about ethics and technology. A whole range of questions come up in our discussions:

  • Is it wrong to modify a photo?
  • Is it wrong to retouch a photo and use it as your avatar for social networking?
  • What effect does retouching photos have on children?
  • Should people be warned if a photo has been retouched?
  • If someone is harmed by Photoshopping, who is responsible?


  1. Thanks for bringing these two video recordings to my attention. I expect I'll use them with some of my classes too, not only for the ethical content: I teach computer graphics.

  2. These are wonderful! I'm wondering if you've come across similar videos that might be more appropriate for younger students. I think educating children about this issue starts early, but I don't think I'm comfortable showing these to elementary students. Although, I wouldn't hesitate to show it to my 5th grade daughter, so I may need to ponder that one.


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