Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Discussion Thread or Blog post?

One morning, I asked my grade 6 students to find a collection of fun games for grade 1 students. I suggested that we each create a blog post on our class Ning to share our links.

That's when Blake spoke up and asked, "Wouldn't it be better to create a discussion topic so that we can just place all of our links in comments? That way someone could go to just one discussion topic to see all the links. If we all make separate blog posts, someone would have to go to like 20 different blog posts to see all the links."

Everyone in the class, including me, thought Blake's suggestion made more sense than mine, so we decided Blake should make a discussion topic for us to post our links.

I like this story because Blake was able to see technology for what it really is - a means for supporting his and others' learning, and there is no one right way of using it. A blog post wasn't a wrong way of doing this, but if sharing is our objective, then a discussion thread makes more sense.


  1. This post is great! It gave me an idea for my own sixth graders. List the tools we've used so far and ask them to generate a When to Use type guide. It would help me see if they understand the tools. I would imagine them making the leaps that Blake did. Thanks for the post!

  2. Both are usefull for any topic discussion. Give your view, opinion, ideas on different topics at discussion world, where you can check several topic, information.


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