Friday, November 19, 2010

Making Learning Whole

I first came across David Perkins' book Making Learning Whole from a Gary Stager tweet. I was not dissapointed. It is a fantastic book that really should be read by educators for all grade levels.

For me it really helped me to see why learning in-a-context and for a purpose is so important.

Here is the blurb Gary Stager wrote for the latest version of the book:

An instant classic! Making Learning Whole will be used for decades by those interested in a framework for making classrooms better places for learning. The book performs a great service by reminding educators that each student comes first – complete with individual needs, talents, experience, curiosity and passion. The job of curriculum is to connect personal experience with powerful ideas, not deliver a bunch of facts in a mysterious incomprehensible sequence. Perkins takes such a common sense metaphor, playing the whole game, and uses it to transform the learning experience for each student.
For educators seeking a practical way to create productive contexts for learning, Making Learning Whole, is a superior approach to the top-down pedagogical tricks advanced by Understanding by Design.

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