Sunday, November 7, 2010

If this makes you sick, you might be a good teacher


  1. Yes, this is sickening. Particularly since this woman has 50 reviews of test prep materials for Kindergarteners. KINDERGARTENERS! One of the things she describes here that she finds "bad" about this program is the cubes that are similar to the testing cubes; they provide too similar an experience to the test. The problem she describes is that kids might tell the test proctors that they've used similar blocks, which would then prompt the proctors to note that in their files, which would then prevent these KINDERGARTENERS from being considered at many schools. Ugh.

  2. I'm against testing, for the most part.

    However, here's a little secret about those tests:

    If you give your child a critical thinking, text-rich environment, they'll ace the tests. My child has already been labeled as "gifted" (I'm withholding him from any programs so far) and I have a hunch it's because we talk a lot and ask questions and he learns about adaptations outside when he looks at the lizards. He's picking up reading so easily, because we read to him since he was an infant.

    We're not intellectual elitists. Our family can be quite redneck at times. But when a child has two parents who love learning, they end up learning, too and in the process the tests seem easy.

  3. Wow - this is sooooo sad.
    I agree with you John - providing kids with a rich environment is the key to instilling such skills in children, not 300$ test prep materials. I say we turn off the tv, engage in real conversations, and model life long learning in our lives.

  4. Appalling!
    What about letting kids be kids, learning by playing, being engaged by experiencing life? "The Lexus of test preparation materials"! Why are we preparing kids to take tests? Why are we even considering sending kids to schools where this is acceptable?


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