Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changes to the Alberta Education Act

Here is a draft of the proposed changes to the Alberta Education Act. These changes were shaped by the input Albertans provided during the Inspiring Education Forums that took place all over the province in 2009.

Here are some points I found interesting:

  • The Government of Alberta recognizes the importance of enabling high quality and socially engaging learning opportunities with flexible timing and pacing through a range of learning environments to meet diverse student needs.
  • The Attendance Board mandate will reflect flexible timing and pacing in meeting students’ instructional needs, and will shift focus from “attending school” to “participating in an education program”.
  • Access is significantly more multi-dimensional than formerly considered; it has gone beyond attending at the school house door and expecting entry, to including our concerns to provide meaningful opportunities for learning that are responsive to the individual needs of the student, whether those needs arise as a result of geography, ability, language, family circumstance, or a host of other factors which affect each child’s access to education.
  • The educational interest of the student is the paramount consideration in making decisions about a child’s education.
  • The role of the teacher and other staff who form part of the education experience of students is increasingly complex and requires a high degree of training, experience, and commitment.

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  1. Teachers are being pulled out of the school act into a different provision???? The timing is after the current agreement with government, not an accident. That seems suspect and may be part of a plan to deprofessionalze teachers further.

    Two new acts, new minister of education, no deal with teachers, expectations to work anywhere, 24/7, standardized tests don't go away for kids in grade 3, another recession in North America due to economic pressures with peak oil. Perfect storm!


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