Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you have any idea who I am?

Education is always susceptible to being hijacked by all sorts of technologies and distraction such as Smartboards, bubble sheets, test scores, wikis, iPads and number two pencils. What we must remember is that even if we dismantle the bricks and mortar, sometimes the ghosts of Old School can prevail. Remember that Old School is not a building; it's a state of mind that thinks very little of the mind.

At the heart of a good education must be an authentic and unconditional relationship between teacher and student. Unfortunately, many schools have lost the plot.


  1. New Zealand gets it, at least...

    Another question to consider is: who actually invigilates examinations - teachers who know the students or 'hired help'?

    Oh, and how can we be really sure that a particular examination in a particular institution was really conducted 'according to the rules'?

  2. Really curious to hear more about what you mean when you say "unconditional" relationship between teacher and student.


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