Monday, September 13, 2010

shitty, good enough, excellent

Shitty schools focus on testing. Good enough schools focus on teaching. Excellent schools focus on learning.


  1. hehe - thought you were going to suggest this as an alternative to A-E grading ;)

    (not such a bad idea eh...!)

  2. That's funny. Took me a minute to catch up to you. I'm sure that's how many kids who get dumped on by grades probably feel.

  3. "Top performing students get their grades, feel satisfied but have not learnt anything new. The students who do not perform that well get their grades, feel useless and have not learnt anything from the assessment."
    Somewhat freely quoted from Dylan William

  4. if these areas of focus were mutually exclusive.

  5. I think my school is somewhere between shitty and good enough.


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