Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I prefer not to take your test


  1. I would especially love to see the Bartleby approach used on the MCA-II/GRAD exams coming principally from the No Child Left Behind movement. It should be enough to know that the movement comes out of Texas. We focus far too much on testing, interfering with creative educating. Tests are pigeon holes for students. Many students also have other problems with testing that affects the testing measurements. Melville would surely be proud to have this initiative named in his honor.

  2. Agree with previous poster.

    Can anyone tell me with any degree of precision of assessment what 79 is or a 558 or a C-?

    I heard it's not just Texas. Why it's even in Iowa and once infected Princeton, too.

    Let's stamp it out before it does any more harm!

  3. Have you read the book in which this essay was published, _Weapons of Mass Instruction_? John Taylor Gatto is a dangerous dude...his deep digging into the history of mass schooling is well worth reading.


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