Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grade Level Achievement

Grade-level of achievement is an infinitely nebulous target that is far too abstract to serve any kind of real purpose in a classroom. We all know that two different teachers can assess the same assignment very differently. We also know that one teacher can assess the same assignment twice in the same day and provide two very different assessments. This kind of inherent subjectivity in grading is unavoidable.

In Alberta, the government tried to impose a Grade Level of Achievement data scheme on teachers, but it has proven to be a total joke. Here's why the Alberta Teachers' Association is right to oppose the whole ordeal.


  1. Well Mr. Joe Bower from what you are saying the Grade Level of Achievement data scheme is doing more useless things in school. Than help you and the teachers on assessing the students to help improve the education program. With the whole ordeal being opposed by the Alberta Teachers' Association is the GLAR listening to what you and other teachers think would improve the system? One question I have is how is this affecting school budgets right now and in the future? My name is TJ I am in edm310.

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  3. Hi T.J.

    I'm not sure how this all affects school budgets at the local or board level, but I can imagine it is a sink hole at the provincial level. They collect all this addition GLAR data that tells them absolutely nothing. Those bean counters and data mongers need to make a salary.

    If people knew what kind of money went into this project that could have and should have been spent on real learning and real children, the public would have a fit.


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