Monday, August 2, 2010

My Abolishing & Replacing Grading Presentation is archived

I had a blast participating in the 2010 Reform Symposium as both a presenter and a member of the audience. Eluminate, Twitter, blogging and other on line learning tools are making the limits of time and place more and more obsolete everyday.

Because so many politicians and policy makers are dead-set on pushing their test and punish accountability regimes that turn children into data, it will be up to educators to reclaim their professionalism.

Symposiums and conferences that are built on the backs of educators dedicating their very own time and effort will need to play a critically important part in educators collaborating with educators to save education.

You can view my Abolishing and Replacing Grading presentation here. Here are the links that supplement my talk.

I would also like to suggest you look at George Couros and Shelly Blake-Plock's presentations. Over the coming days, I will have more suggestions.

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