Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alfie Kohn Interview

Here is an interview featuring Alfie Kohn on Education Reform. His comments start at the 14 minute mark.

Here are a couple of Kohn's articles that he refers to during the interview:

The Folly of Merit Pay

Progressive Education

Beware of School "Reformers"

Punished by Rewards

1 comment:

  1. The truth is that people send their kids to school not for an education but to get a piece of paper , a cerificate with grades good enough to enter university or get a job. When success and achievement is measured by test scores and the number of pupils that graduate from high school it takes people with vision to see things differently.

    Cooperations are there for the profit and even when Dan Pink says that progressive education teaches 21st centuary skills and it is in the interests of cooperations, they just see the short term profit in front of their eyes.

    AK is critical of those who see educators catering for cooperate America , but in truth as Dan Pink says progressive education should have an ally in cooperate America


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