Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is Behavioural Economics?

I have recently been citing a lot of Dan Ariely's work from his book Predictably Irrational, and I thought you might like a little more on this relatively new field of science - Behavioural Economics.

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  1. Hi,
    Dan Ariely shows how we can ' anchor' our children's thinking , either appreciating the intrinsic value of what we do or the extrinsic reward.

    I read the following story - a man asks his neighbour's son to look after his dog , walk him , feed him etc while he is overseas - The man asks ' How much ? ' The kid replies I am willing to pay $10


  2. How true!!

    And learning has been spun as a chore for far too long. I would give my left arm to be given more time to just learn, blog, read, write, research, read some more, share with others, learn from others... and yet some see all this that I love and can't figure out how I could ever enjoy it so much.


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