Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stay silent and the saurians will get you!

Here's how Harry Harrison begins his novel Winter in Eden:
The great reptiles were the most successful life forms ever to populate this world. For 140 million years they ruled  the Earth, filled the sky, swarmed in the seas. At this time the mammals, the ancestors of mankind, were only tiny, shrew-like animals that were preyed upon by the larger, faster, more intelligent saurians.

Then, 65 million years ago, this all changed. A meteor six miles in diameter struck the earth and caused disastrous atmospheric upheavals Within a brief span of time over seventy-five percent of all the spicies then existent were wiped out. The age of the dinosaurs was over, the evolution of the mammals that they had suppressed for 100 million years began.

If all this can happen, suddenly I see education reform as something very achievable. We simply need good people to cease being scared silent.


  1. The Saurians really could get you too if you're a Doctor Who fan. :-)

  2. The problem I think there is is that revolutions rarely work, and it's even harder to get one started, 1. because people are too scared to try it, and 2. that the people currently in control try to suppress it. The meteor was something the dinosuars had no control over, and it was luck, making an organized revolution with people willing to do it is very different than having a burning rock hit the earth.


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