Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The next iPhone

Here is the next generation iPhone.

What implications will this kind of technology have on education? How will this affect not only student learning, but also professional development for teachers?


  1. Hey Joe,
    Just doing a little reading about iPhones (or any smart phone I suppose) in the classroom. Wondering if you've found much research supporting, or decrying the idea...
    More kids have 'em than not, probably a tool we can easily harness. Just wondering.

    Chris Kooman (Gateway School)

  2. Hi Chris, I don't have any research to toss your way right now, but I do believe that wireless, handheld devices are where we are going.

    Cloud based storage and apps seem to be the wave of the now and the future.

    Schools should be going to WiFi as much as possible. The 'haves' will bring their handhelds while the 'have nots' will need the school to provide or subsidize. But with the cost of technology plummeting, I believe we'll be handing out technology like they were paper and pencils.

    India is currently making a $35 dollar netbook as we speak.

    I have already been allowing my students use handheld phones, smart phones and tablets like the iPad in my classroom.

    I hope this helps a little.



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